back pain lower back pain – The cure method of backache, backache is kidney empty this is wrong.

Chronic back pain massage

Knead: take sitting posture, hands and fingers together, respectively on the left and right after lumbar, palm to the inside, up and down slowly knead, until fever.

Roll: two hands make a fist, put the waist to roll around, massage, bottom up, top down, repeatedly. The head can be tilted forward and backward.

Push: after two hands give off heat, overlap is put in lumbar center, push rub from on down 30-50 times, to local generation gives off heat feeling.

Pressure: hands akimai, thumb respectively on the waist, squeeze, and rotation knead press, clockwise first, counterclockwise each 36 turns.

Pinch: sit with your feet stretched out in front of you, or bend your knees, or sit upright. Hold and lift the waist muscles 15 to 20 times.

Knock: two hands clenched fist, two boxers heart outward, gently knock the waist to not cause pain, right and left at the same time, each knock 30 times.

Grasp: put both hands on the hips, thumb in front, press on the waist side without moving, and rub the other four fingers from both sides of the lumbar vertebra with the finger belly outwards, and grasp the tail from the waist and eye at the same time with both hands, each 36 times.

Shake: put your hands on the waist, press the palm root against the waist eye, and shake your palms up and down rapidly for 15-20 times.

Press: take the sitting position and press the fingertips of the left or right hand to knead the acupuncture point for 1-2 minutes.

Point: take the sitting position, with the fingertips of two hands respectively point on the two legs wei zhong point (after the knee), point by 1-2 minutes, until the pressed part appeared acid, numbness, swelling feeling.

back pain lower back pain

Of course, if you have the honor to meet a Chinese acupuncture or bone-setting massage master these are not called problems

Conservative treatment for backache

1. Avoid overwork and correct poor posture.

2. You can rest in bed when you have severe pain, or use the apron brake or a wide belt to protect you. At work, you can use the apron to reduce the tension of psoas muscle.

Acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine: acupuncture cupping has certain effect to relieve pain. Traditional Chinese medicine is mainly focused on removing evil and strengthening the body

Prevention: three separate treatment seven separate raise!!!

Strengthen the lumbar back muscle exercises to promote the circulation of qi and blood and strengthen the muscles of the waist. Lie down on your face with your hands on your head and fix the lower limbs.

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