sore back muscle relief – Climb on the back of the YF23, this F22's arch-rival turns out to have so much black technology | sore back muscle relief

The yf23, an advanced stealth verification machine competing with the f22 in the 1990s, was said to be more advanced in many technologies than the f22, so it was eliminated. Currently, only two yf23 verification machines remain in the museum, constantly telling people about their unfair treatment.

Standing in the yf23 looked up, its nose is very characteristic, itself with long and narrow edge, is a good lift body. In exchange for a high supersonic lift-to-drag ratio, the overall design of the yf23 is extremely optimized to reduce drag.

Climb yf23 head looked back, the plane with the integration of the wing of the lift body design, the wing is very thin, relative thickness is less than 3.5%, the lift coefficient and lift slope of similar cases, wing load only two-thirds of the three generations of machine, which means that the aircraft will be much smaller than the three generations of machine under the Angle of motor, then the resistance of the smaller, the rest of the thrust is greater.

Yf23's back, you can see that it is very rough, but this is only a verification machine, and after so many years of weather, the appearance is bound to change.

The yf23 pneumatic layout is not only simple, but also not simple. It USES a tailless structure, with double vertical tail and large Angle outward, which not only gives attention to the function of vertical tail and flat tail, but also has better stealth performance. It is worth mentioning that the yf23's vertical tail is fully mobile, which is better than the fixed vertical tail of the f22. Similar designs have been adopted by the j-20 and the su-57.

Looking down at yf23's nose, it feels very sharp. The radar-cover is specially made into an acute triangle shape. It can be seen from this feature that ty23 is an aircraft that attaches great importance to supersonic performance, and the pursuit of j-20 in this regard is consistent with it. By contrast, the f22's supersonic performance is much more modest.

Yf23 adopted a trapezoidal main wing, just here to trapezoid wing leading edge sweepback and trailing edge sweep Angle before, this is very interesting, from the plane's flight mechanics characteristics, it belongs to the typical small aspect ratio straight wing, and f104, f/a – 18 belong to the same class, but also because leading edge sweepback Angle of 40 degrees, at large Angle of attack, it show some characteristics of medium sweepback delta wings.

Flat wing is often difficult to have the opportunity to appear as one layout, because the string is generally small, too close to the center of gravity location distance aircraft flap, and yf23 before trailing edge sweep Angle of 40 degrees, wing root chord length is very big, flap position enough, so can also be like in the delta wing big enough control torque.

The yf23 nozzle is very unique. This design enables it to have excellent infrared stealth performance for ground-based radar detection. However, its disadvantages are also obvious.

Despite being a loser, there is no such thing as a yf23. There are so many yf23 fans around the world, many of whom still insist that the yf23 is more beautiful than the f22. When the j-20 is in service today, I wonder if the americans will regret their choice? Given a second chance, would americans choose yf23?

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